Cattle Feed

Gram Husk

Gram Husk is an agro industrial by product available in substantial quantity as this pulse is grown as cash crop.

Toour Husk

Toour Husk is a simple meal of cooked, spiced beans, peas or lentils. It is high in protein and fibre. This recipe uses toor dal, or yellow split peas.

Mattar Husk

Mattar Husk has an earthy and mild flavor than the whole dried pea, similar to the lentil in versatility and nourishment. It has soft texture and used in various dishes.

Chick Peas Husk

Chick Peas Husk have the rich taste and freshness and available in various customized. These are hygienically processed and can be easily availed from at leading market prices. In addition to this, these are widely used for the preparation of different dishes and cuisines.

Cotton Cake

Cotton Cake is a cattle feed product containing 7-8 % cotton oil protein. Cotton Seed Cake is a solid substance remaining after extraction of the oil from cotton seed.

Cotton Doc

Cotton Seed Doc is produced from seed extraction plant and contain high protein.

Cotton Husk

Cotton Seed Husk is the outer coverings of cotton seeds, and the by-products of the dehulling necessary for cotton seed oil extraction. These are a fibrous product, primarily used to feed ruminants.